Fresh Produce

Jayfortune prides itself in providing only natural quality products grown by small holder farmers and commercial farmers. We offer a wide selection of fresh vegetables in a full range of varieties.

Dry Produce

Our dry produce ranges but not limited to beans,sesame seeds as well as flours. Dry produce is normally packed according to client demands for export.

Fish Produce

Our fish produce is caught from Wild by official methods of Gill netting and angling. Our mission is to supply you our discerning customers with best quality and fresh fish products that conform to international standards and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.


Uganda is the biggest exporter of coffee in Africa and its considered to be of premium quality on the world market. Uganda coffee is grown on mountainside farms at 1200 to 2200 meters above sea level.



Our Robusta grows at altitudes of 1200-1500meters above sea level and is native to Uganda. Its neutral but strong body taste make it suitable for blending and for the production of quality soluble coffees.

Our Robusta is usually dry processed or wet processed after which it is graded into 4 main screen sizes : screen 18, 17, 15, 12 with retention of 90%. Our robusta varieties include Cafea cenephora,

Below are the graded cup attributes:-

  • Screen 12: Fair cup, clean and plain
  • Screen 15: Fair to good cup, full body, clean.
  • Screen 17: Good cup, full body, clean.
  • Screen 18: Good cup with good body.

The main crop harvest begins towards the end of October, generally tailing off during March with the focus area around the central belt of Uganda. The second crop yield is focused in the area to the south west of Kampala in the highlands. The harvest season for this crop is generally between May and September and has better retention and cup quality.



Our Arabica varieties grow at altitudes of 1400-2200 meters above sea level and we mostly have the SL-14, SL-28 and catimor variety.

The cup profile is usually winey medium acidity with a good body and chocolate as well as fruity notes.

The coffee can be processed wet or dry depending the clients preferences. The main crop harvest is from September going all the way to March annually.